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UK Ancestry Visa

Commonwealth citizens with a grandparent born in the UK can get this 5 year visa which leads to ILR.

To apply please get in touch with us.

UK Ancestry visa for Commonwealth nationals

Key facts:

  • Initial 5 years

  • Allows any lawful work

If you are from a Commonwealth country, and at least one of your grandparents was born in the UK or the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, this can be a great UK visa option.  Grandparents born in Southern Ireland before independence in 1921 were born in what was then still the UK, so they qualify too.

Ancestry Visa applications usually must be made from your home country.

The visa allows any lawful work, or study, but you should be able to support yourself without recourse to public funds.

After an initial 5 years on an ancestry visa, most people qualify for Indefinite Leave to Remain.  If you do not, for example due to spending a lot of time out of the UK, you can apply to extend the Ancestry visa for a further 5 years.

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