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Reviewing Reports at Desk

Audit, Suspension and Revocation

Sponsor licence Audits, like School inspections, can be nerve racking, even when you know you have done everything you are supposed to do.   If you have advance notice of an audit, we can help you prepare.  If not (most are unannounced), we can help you with the follow up.  For this or any UK visa advice get in touch.  

Suspensions & Revocations

Help when things are going wrong

Suspension seems like a drastic step.  It can certainly have dramatic consequences.  Unless addressed properly, it may lead to revocation,  which will upturn the lives of your sponsored staff, and may threaten the viability of your business.

We are often able to help.  The prospects of success are helped if:

1.  You call us immediately: There is limited time to reply, if you only call as the deadline looms we may not be able to do much.

2. You have a senior person in your business treating project managing the response as their top priority, and with the authority to tell other staff to drop other work so they can focus on the response.  A combat footing is required: there is no point paying us to help if, when we ask you to get something, the relevant staff don't bother.

3. You have a realistic view of the costs involved.   A response will take several days of our work, possibly several weeks.  And involving a specialist Barrister may also be wise; their fees alone could be tens of thousands.

But it is far better, and cheaper, if you can avoid getting to the suspension stage, by ensuring that the Home Office feel confident about you when they look at your organisation.  We can help with that too.

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