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Sponsor licence
Skilled worker
(was Tier 2)

We specialise in

  • Helping you apply for a Sponsor Licence

  • Maintaining compliance

  • Audit and issue handling

  • Overcoming Suspensions & Revocations

Special Expertise in

  • Sponsored Staff on client contracts

  • Multinationals opening a UK Office

  • Working with recruiters (contract & perm)

Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence


If you are a UK business, already employing staff, and you now want expat talent to expand, we can help you get a licence so you can sponsor the people you need.

If you are an overseas business, we are familiar with the issues you face setting up in the UK.  Perhaps a Sole representative visa will work for your first UK employee.  Or an entrepreneur may qualify for an Investor visa, or Exceptional talent visa.  But the mainstay of staff relocation and international hiring will probably be a Skilled Worker (/ICT) Sponsor licence.   We can help you lay the foundations for a successful licence application, and with other launch issues such as bank accounts, premises, structure (Branch Vs Subsidiary Vs LLP), and pre-setup hiring of local staff via an Employer of Record.

The great news is that, as of 2021 we have

  • No need to advertise for 28 days before sponsoring an expat.

  • Sponsorship for medium level jobs as well as graduate roles.

  • Immigration Skills Charges waived for Healthcare Professionals, most scientists (not computer science), former Tier 4 students, Clergy, Sportspeople/coaches.


How can I get sponsored to work in the UK?

As an individual, you will need the support of an employer.   We can help:

  • Make it easy for your employer

  • If you own the company (yes, its possible to 'self sponsor')

  • If you are a contractor with a client

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