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Partner & Children

UK nationals, those with Indefinite Leave to Remain, and most non-visitor temporary visas (Skilled worker, Investor, etc) can bring their partner and children under 18 to the UK.


Get in touch if you want to apply for this visa. 

UK Dependant Visa


* Spouses

* Partners

* Children Under 18

There is a separate visa category for Adult Dependant Relatives. 

Who Qualifies for a UK Dependant Visa?

To qualify for a Dependant Visa, you must be a dependant family member of a UK national, settled person, or a qualifying migrant.  A 'qualifying migrant' can be someone who is already in the UK on a relevant visa, or someone who is applying as a 'main applicant' for a visa at the same time as the family members apply for a Dependant Visa.

The UK government does not want to grant children dependant visas where the child's travel to the UK would split up a family.  So both parents should be in /coming to the UK, unless there is only one living parent, or the UK-based parent has  sole responsibility for the child’s upbringing (for example granted sole custody by a court).  In other cases we would need to show serious or compelling reasons why the child should be exceptionally admitted as the dependant of only one of their parents.

For your relatives to qualify for a Dependant Visa, you as a 'main applicant' need to show that the family have enough money to support themselves without having to rely on public funds. 

Dependant visa applications need to prove their relationship to the UK resident /main applicant. Typically proof will be:

  • For children: Birth Certificate naming both parents

  • For Spouses: Marriage certificate or Civil Partnership certificate

  • For unmarried partners: proof of 2+ years cohabitation

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