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Global Mobility Visa: Service Suppliers

This will be a route for people travelling to the UK to deliver a service in line with GATS or other UK trade commitments.  With Visas often forming part of post-Brexit trade agreement discussions, this area may grow in significance. 

The visa will replace the current Temporary Work – International Agreement visa, which was previously one of the Tier 5 visa routes.  For existing agreements, the visa is essentially just a re-branding.  Future trade agreements may include different terms, so this visa could evolve into one with different criteria for different countries.

The visa will not be used where a trade agreement provides for full freedom of movement of workers (as is being discussed for CANZUK : see , and as would occur should the UK (re) join EFTA).

If you are a service provider that wants to come to the UK on a Global Mobility visa, or if you are a business wanting to send staff to the UK on this basis, please get in touch.


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