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Global Mobility Visa: Senior or Specialist worker  


This will be for Senior Executives, and employees with expert skills who are needed in the UK branch/subsidiary of an overseas business. ‘specialist’ may be defined more narrowly than the current ICT criteria which employers can stretch to almost any role.  The visa is likely to lead to Settlement.  Further to the MAC report, we can  expect more scrutiny & enforcement of accommodation allowances & reported salaries.  Continuing themes are likely to be:


  • Roles most be at least at undergraduate degree (RQF Level 6) level and paid at least £42,400 per annum.

  • Individuals will need to have worked for their sponsor/group for at least 12 months, unless their UK package is £73,900+.

  • No English language requirement.

  • Employers required to pay the Immigration Skills Charge. 


If you want to come to the UK on a Global Mobility visa, or if you are a company wanting to send staff to the UK, please get in touch.


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