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Global Mobility Visa: Secondees:

This visa will be for Staff sent on secondment for specific purposes such as:

  • Transfer knowledge related to a high-value import or export.

  • To oversee a substantial investment.

The ‘Secondee’ category may be an alternative to the ‘UK Expansion’ route for companies that do not yet have a UK presence. As the examples provided by the Home Office suggest that by ‘specific purposes’ they mean purposes that benefit the UK economy, applicants meeting the criteria may get ‘red carpet’ treatment.  The MAC report suggested that Secondees visas be kept for staff of:

  • Overseas business that have been established at least 12 months.

  • Working on a contract value of greater than £50 million. 

And that Visas should be issued for a maximum of 12 months with the possibility of a single renewal.

The work envisaged under this category could include the staff of an overseas company coming to the UK to be trained in the use of a product/service that their company is buying from a UK supplier.   OR staff from an overseas exporter coming to the UK to train the staff of a UK customer.

The visa does not eliminate the UK Visit Visa provisions to let a client of a UK export company to send secondees to the UK company in order to oversee the requirements for goods and services that are being provided under contract by the UK company or its subsidiary company, provided the two companies are not part of the same group.


If you want to come to the UK as a Secondee, or if you are a company wanting to send Secondees to the UK, or wanting to explore the Visit visa options, please get in touch.


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